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In Pursuit of... Geek Pride. [Aug. 1st, 2010|01:57 am]
[mood |geekygeeky]

I finally did it!! I got my tattoo! It's the emblem of the Jedi Order on my right hip. Went to Blue Moon Tattoo in Barnhart. Arin met me there after she got off work and took some pics for me. I think the guy was kind of hurrying through it since it was sort of simple and not very artsy, but I like it! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all healed. He said the colors would end up being brighter. Also... I really thought there would be more to it. I mean, it really didn't hurt that much, except when he was going right over my hip bone, and even that wasn't that bad. Only took about 25 mins, too. But, enough rambling... pics!

Outline done...

Filling it in...

Right after completion. Still looking a little red...

A few hours after getting it done. Rushed home, went to ICC, and here it is...

I feel as though I should be freaked out that this is going to be on me for the rest of my life, but I'm not. I've been thinking about this for about 3 years now, and I'm just kind of excited. :D

[User Picture]From: maladroital
2010-08-02 03:54 am (UTC)

Lookin' good.
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